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Boarding gates may change on the day, so please confirm at the airport on the date of departure.The establishment of the EU and the tying of the Schengen Agreement have greatly simplified entry and departure procedures within Europe.Changi Airport, located at the eastern edge of Singapore, was officially opened on 29 December 1981.

Changi airbase was selected as the site for this new airport.In June 1975, preparation work on the Changi airbase site for an international airport began. Canals were constructed to divert water from three existing streams flowing through the airport site: Sungei Tanah Merah Besar, Sungei Ayer Gemuroh and Sungei Mata Ikan.Construction was subdivided into two phases, with Phase I (Changi I) targeted for completion by 1981, and Phase II (Changi II) by the mid-1980s.The first flight departing from the airport at 8 am on the same day was SQ 192, bound for Penang.A Budget Terminal opened on 26 March 2006 to serve budget airlines and two years later, on 9 January 2008, Terminal 3 commenced operations.

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Changi airbase was built by World War II prisoners-of-war from 1943 to 1944. At the time, the north-south and east-west strips, located in the northeastern point of Singapore, were unpaved, thinly grassed runways.

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